We’ll install anything we sell for all makes and models!

For mechanical, alignments and tire mounting/balancing we have River Park Auto take care of our customers along with our own rigs.

When it comes to welding and custom fabrication we call on the services of Devan @ YetiFab.

Both River Park Auto and YetiFab have provided quality work and customer service over the past years and we’re happy to parter with these awesome businesses. If you have an offroad need or your rig needs a little help, we and our partners will take care of you!

Are you looking to learn some offroad tips and tricks, maybe discover different areas of Manitoba with your offroad rig? Check our Events section to join one of our open public events or contact us to arrange a private run to a number of locations across Manitoba. If you don’t have your own rig but would like a backwoods 4×4 adventure or to try your hand before buying your own 4×4 rig we have you covered. Just let us know what you need!